Many great travel destinations are to be found in Central America. A combination of rich history, vibrant culture, and scenic views make it a charming place for any traveler to visit.

Guatemala offers many exciting places to see and things to do. The Mayan ruins of Tikal are the crown on this rich land’s kingdom of tourist attractions. The Tikal Mayan ruins are one of the largest ceremonial centers in the world and have many archaeological discoveries still waiting to be made. The site features temple pyramids, elaborately worked and designed, and was once home to 50,000 people until it was abandoned for reasons unknown in the tenth century.

Costa Rica is another great destination, offering rich culture and many local festivals honoring patron saints. A third of the land area in this country is covered in forest, making for great hiking and outdoors activities as well as nature watching along with the world famous Velvetworm, which fascinates visitors.

The Panama Canal is another noteworthy spot in Central America, being one of the world’s greatest engineering feats, it joins the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and allows ships passage between the two oceans. Panama also sports large, modern cities with a lot of local flair for the traveller to enjoy.

El Salvador has much to offer the Central American traveler as well. San Salvador, the nation’s capital, has rich culture and architectural flair. It was largely destroyed by earthquakes and has been rebuilt with many parks, plazas, and modern buildings.

Honduras boasts great beaches and resorts and is world renowned for its local art, archaeological sites and more. Mayan ruins in the northwest are impressive sites to behold. Copan, the crowning stone of these sites, is very popular and still yields archaeological finds today.

Nicaragua, last but not least on this list, has the very popular Mosquito Coast. Covered in rain forests, this country receives more rain than any other part of the region. A great place to go for nature lovers, beach lovers, and more.

Watch out for your safety Nicaragua was rated the safest country in Central America by INTERPOL, Panama and Costa Rica are also generally safe. Some areas of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala suffer from the Maras (street gangs), they also have the highest crime rates in the region. Like in Mexico, sadly the police are often not seen as reliable or trustworthy.