To start traveling from north to south Louisiana will take you through many different regions where you will find different things in different parts of Louisiana.

North Louisiana region is called Sportsman’s Paradise. This region offers many opportunities for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities in the region’s woods, hills,and lakes.

Central Louisiana which are called Cenla. Cenla is spanning the center of the state. Here, you will find historical cities such as Natchitoches and Alexandria as well as Kisatchie National Forest.

The next region of Louisiana is called Cajun Country. This region strech along the Gulf of Mexico and up into into Southcentral Louisiana. This region is a great place to sample the music and food for which the state is famous.

The next region that goes across the Atchafalya Basin and along the Great River Road is called Plantation Country. When you are checking out this region this region will give you a glimpse of bygone days.

The last region that you will come upon is what they called The Greater New Orleans Region. This region is located in the southeast corner of the state. This region holds one of the most exciting cities in the nation.

Louisiana has a lot of places that you can visit and be able to not have to go far. This is very fortunate for the people who lives there because with the gas prices being high and the economy in very bad situation, you do not have to go out of state.

Louisiana a state that is blend together of different types of people. They are rural, urban, and suburban types of people.You will find a lot of differences in people’s language as you are traveling throughtout Louisiana. As you travel and you are talking to people in different parts of the state, you will find that Louisiana has a whole lot of history.

Treasure-hunters which are people who go out and hunt for antiques. Antiques hunting is very popular throughtout all of Louisiana. Garage sales is another popular pastime. Alot of people go antique hunting as a hobby. Sometimes a person has some antique but is missing a piece to make the set again, so they go hunting for it till the items is found.As you go through the towns you will find many different items in antiques stores.

As you travel from one region to the next you will find several different interstate that you can use to get from north to south Louisiana. In north Louisiana you will find interstate 20. As you are traveling this highway you will find antiques shops in West Monroe. Also you will find a large flea market which is called Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days which is in the town of Arcadia. You will find historic homes and churches. You will also find another interstate that you can use to travel through the state. This one is Interstate 10/Interstate 12. As you are traveling on these interstate you will see all the sights in Lake Charles, the living history village in Lafayette. You will see all the sights in Baton Rouge such as the State Capitol. Baton Rouge is the home of LSU. As you leave Baton Rouge you will come up onto Denham Springs and Slidell.

The main north-south interstate that runs through the state is Interstate 49. This interstate links Shreveport, Lafayette and soon, New Orleans. Some of the other cities that you will come upon is Natchitoches where you will have all kinds of shopping that you can do on Front Street. In the Alexandria Pineville area you will be able to tour Kent Plantation. As you travel southward on the interstate you will come upon some more towns such as Washington which has a lot of antiques. Also in Opelousas you can find zydeco dancing. Interstate 55 is where you will find a town call LaPlace. It goes through Tangipahoa Parish which you will find very good food and greating antiquing in Ponchatoula. You will find many different numbers on roads as you travel throughtout the state such as 165/167.