The Kentucky Horse Park

While traveling in Kentucky I am sure many people will probably take one of the interstates for some of the fastest available travel. Now you will be able to see many sights and attractions from the interstate, but that doesn’t do you a bit of good unless you stop at one of them. One of the places that you will want to stop at is Kentucky Horse Park if you are around the Lexington area. Some people might be curious what kind of fun you can have at a horse park, but you can find many things to do while at the Kentucky Horse Park.

The first thing that you will find that you can do while at the Kentucky Horse Park is that you can enjoy touring through the American Saddlebred Museum. Now going to a museum might not interest everyone, but you will want to go to this museum for the history that is available for you to learn about the history of horses that are around us now that were Saddlebred you can also view many trophies and various other interesting points.

The second thing that you will want to set some time aside to do while you are at the Kentucky Horse Park is to take the tour. I know that the tour does cost money which some people might not be able to afford with the economy being so low in today’s times, but you will not be disappointed as you will be able to tour the Kentucky Horse Park in a van that will allow you to enjoy some of the rare and majestic beauty of a horse farm that you might not have seen if you did not take the tour. The tour though does take some time to complete and because of that it does have set departure times to ensure that the tour runs smoothly and efficiently so you will want to check ahead to make sure that you arrive in time to catch one of the tours before they leave. Not only that you will want to ensure that you arrive early to make sure you have a spot on the tour for each member of your party or call ahead.

While you are traveling in Kentucky you will want to try to catch all of the attractions that you can. However, if you love nature and animals of any type you will want to try to stop by the Kentucky Horse Park for the beauty of the horses which you can see and enjoy.