A Guide on Traveling to America

Since America’s early ages it has been a dream for immigrants. Now in the 21st century, America has been a hot spot for travelers all over the world. Traveling takes planning and a lot of knowledge. I’m going to give you a step by step guide on traveling to America.

  1. Take care of all exit/entry requirements. Make sure you have a valid passport or whatever else is needed depending on what country you are coming from. Most likely you can find out all this information from your country’s department of travel. It is important to get all this taken care off so it is not a hassle before your trip. Sometime it may require a lot of time to get a valid passport. Who would want to show up in America and not be let in? Once this is completed you can move on to planning the next steps of planning your trip.
  2. Budget your trip. Budgeting can come very handy if you don’t want to run out of money during your trip. Make sure you have enough time prior to your trip to save up your money. In order to budget your trip you will need to estimate what you will spend for each thing on your trip. For example, here’s what a budgeting plan might look like:

    Hotels: $1500

    Flight: $800

    Food: $500

    Fun: $600

    Transportation: $500

    Emergency: $300.

Say this is what your budget might look like. Remember it is very important to bring extra money in case of an emergency. Budgeting may vary based on how many people are going on your trip.

  1. Book your flight. After you have budgeted your trip it is time to book a flight. When you book a flight,make sure it fits into your budget. Research some different airlines to see what one might suit you best. Always check the length of the flight because the shorter the flight the better. When you book the flight you need to know which American city you are flying into, this may intertwine with step 4! The best way to book a flight is with an online website like www.travelocity.com or www.priceline.com
  2. Choose a(n) city (or) cities to visit. This an important part of planning your trip! Make sure you do a lot of research before choosing a city to visit. Would you rather visit a big city like Chicago, or a smaller city like Helena? Choose a city based on things to do. It’s no fun sitting in a city with nothing to do! So find a city with something that interests you. Sometimes it’s better to visit a city more tourist friendly.
  3. Book a hotel. Booking a hotel is a major part of trip planning. A hotel is where you will sleep, but it is also a place you want to feel like home. Look at a list of hotels in the particular city you are staying in. The best way to do this is to go to www.tripadvisor.com. Make sure you look at the ratings the hotel has. Why pay $100 for a 2 star hotel, when you can pay the same price for a 5 star hotel! Make sure to read reviews from other people who have stayed at that hotel-This is a must! Pick a pool with things that suit your needs. Pool? Arcade? Bar? All this matters when choosing the right hotel. Make sure the pirce of your hotel meets your budget!
  4. Find attractions. This is the point where you choose what you want to do on your trip. Choosing things to do is important so you don’t get bored while on your trip. Look up local sites and attractions in the city you choose to visit. This could be anything from pools, theme parks, state parks, and more! Make sure to do thorough research on each attraction you plan to visit. When choosing an attraction, make sure it stays in tune with your budget.
  5. Choose a transportation method. While in America you’ll need another way to get around other than the plane. You have options of using rental cars, buses, taxis, etc. Make sure to do enough research so you can find the best way to get around the city you are visiting. If you are interested in prices, you may have to contact the company or find the information online. If you are planning on visit multiple cities you can either drive or fly. Flying to another city in the USA can cost $150+ depending on which city. If you want to drive make sure you check how many miles each city is from each other. Sometime with longer distances, flying is the way to go.

I hope this guide will help you have a safe and fun trip to America. Remember you are always welcome!