Costa Rica is a great vacation destination and in order to visit all the places of interest it has to offer, you will have to rent a vehicle such as a car or a truck and the like. By taking appropriate care, it becomes easy to rent in Costa Rica. You should keep in mind that tourism is an established industry in the country and competition has ensured good international practices among the various rental companies.

The extent to which a trip is enjoyable depends on its preparation. You could do an online search and make a reservation for a vehicle. But these online bookings may sometimes be unreliable. A safer option would be to look at ads in travel magazines and rent a vehicle with any of those agencies. Since the ads cost quite a bit, you can relax knowing that they are more credible. Check out in detail the differences in their terms of services. The same vehicle may be priced differently and insurance rates too could have considerable variations.

But in spite of making reservations, you can never know for certain what vehicle you’ll be handed at the airport. No one wants to end up driving a rusty old car with holes in the floorboard and cockroaches and other such insects crawling around you.

The best thing you can do is get to San Jose by plane which is located in the heart of the country. This will allow you to be a few short hours from any other location. When you exit from the customs, you will be surrounded by people offering almost any kind of vehicle possible for rent. It can be a bit harrowing, but you get the advantage of actually seeing the vehicle and then renting it there itself. You can then easily go wherever you like.

There have been instances where people after exiting the customs have found to their dismay that the vehicles they booked were not in the car lot. The only choice you are then left with is to call the rental agency. We all know how inconvenient it is to get such things sorted out.

Costa Rica is a highly recommended tourist destination and everyone should try to visit it. But don’t forget it is better to rent a vehicle once you get there so as to avoid any unnecessary tension.