Are you a business traveler looking for travel tips while visiting Chicago? This article will offer several travel tips for you.

Does the hotel where you will be staying during your business trip offer any or all of the following amenities or features? You can either call the hotel or visit the hotel’s website for the availability of the following amenities or features.

  1. Business Services

    Does the hotel offer a place or room where you can perform the following business related services? Some business services include the ability to make copies, send a fax, print a letter, and have access to a computer. Also, does the hotel charge additional fees for any of these services?

  2. Hotel Rate Discounts

    If you are paying for the hotel room yourself, inquire if the hotel offers business travelers a discount. If not, what other types of discounts might be available? Two of the discounts some hotels might over are for people over a certain age or for certain auto club members.

  3. Complimentary Breakfast

    Inquire if the hotel offers its guests a free breakfast.

  4. Location of the Hotel

    Is the hotel located nearby to where your business will take place? Is the hotel within walking distance? If not, how will you get there? Is the hotel situated close to shopping or some attraction that you would like to visit after your business is completed?

  5. Local Newspaper

    Does the hotel offer the local newspaper? Is it complimentary? Will it be delivered to your room? Is it only available in the hotel’s lobby?

  6. Internet

    Can you access high speed internet from your hotel room or just in the lobby or business center? Is there an extra charge to use the internet? Is the internet service unlimited?

  7. In Room Desk

    Does the hotel offer a desk in your hotel room where you can work? Are any office supplies included such as a stapler, paper clips, and so on?

  8. Valet Parking

    Is there valet parking and is it complimentary? If you choose not to use the valet parking are there any free nearby parking areas?

  9. Shuttle Service

    Are you arriving in Chicago via the airport? Does the hotel have shuttle service to and from the airport? Also, does the hotel shuttle offer service to nearby locations? Is there an additional charge for the shuttle and what are the hours of operation for the shuttle?

  10. Post Office or Delivery Service

    Is the hotel located close to a post office in the event you need to mail something? Are there any delivery service pick-ups if the need arises to send a package or important paperwork?

Hope that you were able to get some travel tips for your next business trip to Chicago