Five years ago I moved from New Your City to Murray, Kentucky and have to say that at first I was really worried about living in the south and far out in the country, but after a short time, I found out that this little town was a great place to live and play. Murray, Kentucky is located in Calloway County and is home to Murray State University, which is rated one of the top10 Universities in America. Murray, Kentucky is also home to the Freedom Fest, every summer in July, Murray, Kentucky heats up with the annual Freedom Fest; which celebrates our countries freedom with a street fair, country music performances, great food, family day in the park and one of the largest fireworks displays in Western Kentucky.

If you are looking for a relaxing and fun family vacation, I suggest you travel on over to Murray, Kentucky and see all that we have to offer. With two of the largest man made lakes in America that have over 170,000 acres of National Recreation Forests and over 3000-miles of undeveloped shores and 300 miles of waters, the Kentucky lakes and Land Between the Lakes are overflowing with attractions and activities.

Attractions at Land Between the Lakes
Kentucky Lake
Lake Barkley
Energy Lake
Nature Station
Elk & Bison Prairie
Golden Pound Planetarium & Observatory

Recreation at land Between the Lakes
Horseback riding
Water sports (boating, kayaking, jet skies, boat races, house boat rentals).
Wildlife viewing and much more, so come explore!

Just a short 5-10 minute drive south of Murray you will find Hazel, Kentucky; which is actually the antique capitol of the United States. Hazel is home to some of the finest antique shops in America. I have personally shopped at these antique shops and have found some great antiques at very reasonable prices too. Below is a list of the antique shops and their addresses.

Charlie’s Antique Mall is located at 303 Main Street Hazel, KY and is open from 10am to 4:30pm 270-492-8175. This shop is well known in Kentucky for their old fashion soda fountain and homemade ice cream that makes all patrons feel like they have stepped back in time to the good old days!

Blue Moon Antiques is located at 312 Main Street Hazel, KY 270-492-8069. The hours here vary, so you should call ahead of time to see when they are open. This antique store specializes in vintage antiques and vintage furniture that has been refurbished for sale.

State Line Ranch Antiquesand Home is located at 705 Main St. 270-492-6144.
Miss Martha’s Antiques is located at 302 Main St. and is open from 10Am until 6Pm 270-492-8145.
The Memory Lane Antique Mall is located at 214 Main St. and for more information contact 270-492-8646.
The Horse’s Mouth Antique Mall is located at 308 Main St. 270-492-8128.
The Felix is located at 212 Main St. 270-492-8019.
The Corner Shoppe is located at 300 Main St. 270-492-6255.
The Cabin is located at 211 Main St. 270-492-6252

Murray State University

Murray, Kentucky prides itself on the high standards of this University, ranked one of America’s top ten Universities students from all over the world come here to study at Murray State University. This University has one of the best psychology and Science Departments, with a brand new science building and all new laboratories for the students.

Murray States University offers Kentucky High School Graduates the chance to use the Keys Scholarships that they have earned throughout their High school years. Every semester that a Kentucky High Scholar passes with straight A’s or B’s they will be given 500.00 put into a KEYS Scholarship, which they can then use when they go to collage. Murray States also has Financial Aid and Pell Grants available to help with the overwhelming coast of collage.

Sorority row is located on College campus Rd and full of young egger students to guide the way for you new comers.

Murray State University also has some of the best sports teams such as their Basket Ball team which ranked first place in this region with 17 won games and 1 lost. However, they did loose the championship game to Butler with the final score 52-54 with Butler winning in the final seconds of the game.

RSEC- Regional Special Events Center

This is the place that serves up the entertainment for our small yet quaint town of Murray, Ky. Just 2 weeks ago on the weekend of March 12, my daughter and a few of her friends went to see Skillet. Other performers such as Maroon Five, John Mayer, Kid Rock and Carrie Underwood have played her in the Regional Special Events Center here in Murray, KY.

Murray, Kentucky is also one of the top ten retirement communities, second only to the state of Florida. This majestic little town is great for raising children, the crime rate here is very low and it is a very welcoming community.

Murray, KY is also home to a great summer event called “Hot August Blues”.

So this summer if you are looking for a great travel destination, I suggest you come checkout what Murray, KY has to offer, you will not be disappointed!