I recently spent a few hectic weeks in Berlin. Though it wasn’t a surprise to the locals, I found myself in the middle of the real Berlin scene. This little patch of the world is a gem in the concrete. A hip, cool neighborhood.

Prenzlauer berg… it’s all here.

Located in the eastern part of the city, this community is known for being bohemian and trendsetting but I must say, It’s so hip in that understated way, I felt as though I was in on a secret.

I strolled down Kastanienallee.

Into Bracas coffee shop. It’s relaxed and unpretentious vibe set my mood. I grabbed a frothy cappuccino for about 2 euro (only 2.50 us $) and started shopping.

The shops and boutiques are so ablaze with color. It’s like a visual orgasm.

I found any and everything vintage.

Pop art posters, a 50’s leather coat, an authentic matte black rotary phone, a shag rug, that rare album I’ve been searching for. All of which are in pristine condition.

Along this walkway of street art called fashion, Their is an emerging original designer scene.

These very original designers have their finger on the pulse of trends. It was worth every second to check them out.

After my shopping excursion, I was hungry.

So I Eat !

Just around the corner on Oderberger Strasse is Pizza Loona.

This down home spot is adorn with wooden floors, walls and tables. It’s comfy and delicious. The pizza is made to order, serving small and medium pies in 15 varieties. A small Margarita pie (which yields about 6 modest slices) with a 12 oz Pilsner Urquell ran me 7.50 euro, just under 10 bucks. This is a mouth watering, steal of a meal.

The Berlin famous Currywurst stand.

A wurst sandwich (for all you meat lovers) may just hit the spot. There are many varieties of wurst but Currywurst is the famous Berliner tasty treat. The most well-known and frequented spot for this snack is a non-descript stand, right under the train station at the beginning of Kastanienallee. I Ordered Currywurst with fries (about 3 euro, that’s just under 4 us $) then had a seat at the outdoor picnic style setup. I was surrounded by locals while enjoying every bite of this perfected specialty.

This was my Berlin.