Through the ages, man has managed to achieve some great feats in construction, coming up with megastructure that most people never had in their wildest dreams. Some have been built for conveniences, while others were constructed out of necessity. One of the areas that have witnessed the construction of massive structures is the transportation sector.

Man needs to move from one location to another with speed and they need to move their goods with ease and convenience. We may that that we have seen is already enough,  but as long as the world is still full of dreamers, and life continues to present challenges to man, we can expect that more and more mega structures will come up to aid the needs of man. Here is a look at some of the longest man-made structures we have in the world today-: 

Hadrian’s Wall

The Hadrian’s Wall is a 117.5km separating the Irish Sea and the North Sea. The wall was built in 112AD by Emperor Hadrian, and though the reason for the construction of this wall is not to clear up to date, it is believed that the emperor wanted to enhance the defense system of his territory and also as a show of might. Along the wall, there were fortified gates strategically placed after every mile. The construction of the wall took the workers a total of six years and it is mainly comprised of limestone. Currently, it remains to be one of the greatest attractions in the region, and a display of the extent the Roman Emperors would go to assert their authority.

The Delaware Aqueduct

The United States is known to have many water tunnels and aqueducts, but the Delaware Aqueduct is the longest one, with a total length of 137km, putting it in the list of the top longest manmade structures ever constructed by man. The duct supplies the New City with over 1.2 billion gallons of water every day, making it also one of the most important installations for the city of New York. Though it may not necessarily be of any importance to tourism, those intrigued about structures will find a lot of delight in seeing it.

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal may not necessarily be a structure, but it is a manmade feature and perfectly fits in the list of the longest man-made structures in the world. The canal is the only link between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and it is one of the most heavily used waterways in the world ever since its construction was completed in 1869. Before the construction of the canal, ships traveling from Europe to South Asia would follow a 7000km route which went around the continent of Africa. With the construction of the canal, now instead of going around the entire continent of Africa, ships only need to cover 193km from Europe to South Asia. The canal took about ten years to build and upon its completion, it made an immediate impact on world trade and it is a major income earner to the Egyptian government.

The Israeli-Egypt Barrier

The Israeli-Egypt Barrier was constructed with the main aim of deterring immigrants from moving between the two countries. At 345km long, it qualifies to be in the list of the longest man-made structures in the world. The barrier features two layers of fencing and barbed wire and it is also fitted with the advanced surveillance system and electronic security. Since its construction, the barrier has done a very good job and reducing the flow of illegal immigrants in both countries.

The Grand Canal

The construction of the Grand Canal was during the 5thcentury BC and just as the name suggests, it is indeed grand, being the longest and the oldest canal in the world. At initial construction, the canal was constructed in several sections but was later joined together upon completely to form the entire length of 1776km. The construction featured the use of the pound lock system, which made the construction easy and faster since this was necessary to facilitate the trade activities in the region. Most parts of the canal may not be in use today, but a great deal of the southern portion is still in frequent use up to this day.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

There are a number of railway systems in the world which are very long in their construction, but the father of all railways in the world is the Trans-Siberian Railway system. The railway connects Russia’s capital of Moscow and the Siberian town of Vladivostok. The construction of the railway was necessitated by the need for a better transport system in Siberia. Once it was completed, it opened up lots of areas in Siberia, allowing for faster movement of people and goods, and enhancing the trade between the two regions. The railway also played a crucial role during the Second World War as it was a major supply route for the Russian forces as well as for the people who were fleeing Europe. At 9280km, we are yet to see a railway system that will surpass it in terms of length.

The Pan American Highway

The Pan-American Highway is perhaps the world’s longest road, boasting of a length of 48,000km. The Guinness Books of Records notes that the road is the longest motorable road in the world, and it begins in Prudhoe Bay in Alaska and terminates at Buenos Aires in Argentina. If you need an exhilarating road trip, then you can go for online passport renewaland trace this road through all the 17 countries passes through for the ultimate road trip in America.


The Great Wall of China

Most people go for online passport renewal to travel to China and one of the greatest attractions they will never miss is the Great Wall of China. This wall is currently the longest manmade structure in the world and it has been around for over 2000 years. The construction of the wall ended in 1644AD during the rule of the Ming Dynasty. The main goals of building the wall were to offer protection against invasion and it was also used for border control purposes. It has fortresses, watchtowers and other military installations that were necessary for the protection of the territory back then.