Conventional hotels or motels may not be able to accommodate a large family, especially if there are numerous children of different sexes, or if members of the extended family (brothers, sisters, or grandparents, for example) are present. For this reason, families may have to look elsewhere for lodging.

There are options to “regular” hotels or motels. Five of them are listed below; all of them provide the two things most important to a large family: lots of room and privacy.

Renting a house. This may prove to be the best option. The person responsible for lodging arrangements can look for a house that has enough rooms so that everyone can either have their own, or that only two persons will have to share one. Searching for “multi-room homes for rent” will provide one with several choices, one of which should fit all requirements.

Reserving a “block” of rooms in a conventional hotel or motel. The lodgings acquirer can request that all the rooms be right next to each other or at the very least on the same floor at the time reservations are made. This way, every family will have its own room or rooms. This is always fun, especially if the rooms still have connecting doors (some places no longer do). During the day, as long as everyone is agreeable, the doors can be flung open, allowing everyone easy access to and from everyone’s room. Or, if the kids want to be “by themselves,” parents can fix it to where they are in “middle” adjoining rooms, with adults on either side.

Renting several efficiency “suites” with separate sleeping areas (even if one may be right in the kitchen area.) This is the type of accommodations that we and my husband’s family will be staying at when we attend a memorial service for his father at Thanksgiving. All of the rooms have fully equipped kitchens. In addition, four of them are located downstairs, and four are upstairs, but right over the downstairs ones. Search for “multiple efficiency suites.”

Reserving an entire Bed and Breakfast establishment. If reservations are made far enough in advance, this just might be possible. Advantages to this are everyone being literally under the roof, and at least one meal would be provided every day. Search for “reserving an entire B&B establishment” for information.

Considering camping accommodations. KOA Kampgrounds ( offer RV and tent spaces as well as camping cabins. Adjoining campsites can be requested.