As you sit down to decide on your vacation you need to ask yourself what is more important in your life, spending your vacation living it up or making a difference? I say make the difference – decide to take that vacation you will be proud to brag to your children and grandchildren about for years to come. An eco friendly vacation will not only help save mother earth but help prolong the life of its creatures. Here is a great green travel option for your Asian vacation this year.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island where you can volunteer working side by side with field scientists keeping track of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant population. Due to poaching, and habitat loss the Sri Lankan elephants are less than 3,500 in the wild. Sri Lanka is one of the eighteen biodiversity hot spots of the world.

You will start your day off at breakfast served at about 7:30 am followed by a short discussion with the field officers, depending on your scheduled research activities you will depart either by foot or bicycle to complete your research activity. Upon returning for lunch you will spend the rest of the afternoons resting, recording data and going in the jeep for elephant observation. Some days you will go to the tree hut for evening or possibly night observation. You will cycle into the local village with a trained field scout to monitor the elephant raids by talking to local shop owners and interview the victims of these raids recording any damage cause to his crops or property.

As you go on your trail and road studies you will need to document any birds, mammals or elephants you may come across. If possible you will need to identify any species of bird using your bird guide book.

You will be staying in the field project base located in the intermediate zone south of Wasgamuwa National Park. This rural site has only solar powered lights, and cold running water. Surrounded by the bush you will truly feel like you are in the wilderness. All meals are provided for you and they do cater to vegetarian diets also. Spending two weeks here will cost you $1,470 and give you those lasting memories of helping save the Sri Lankan elephant for you to share with your grandchildren.