I had always dreamed of seeing the famous pink sands of Bermuda. Finally, I got my chance and so can you. Bermuda is an expensive island, so my family and I decided to cruise to Bermuda and we saved a “bundle.”
Living in the New York area, we drove to Maryland to sail on Royal Caribbean’s, Grandeur of The Seas. By doing this, we saved a lot of money on airfare and hotels, which can be rather pricey to Bermuda. If you are within driving distance, bus travel, or am trak travel, you can find a cruise that goes to Bermuda and save airfare and accommodation prices.

The best thing about cruising is that everything is prepaid; food, entertainment, and of course, lodging. The only extras would be alcohol, gambling, and shopping, which can be adjusted according to your budget. Life on a cruise ship is so unbelievable for every member of the family. Keep in mind, that you can book an inside room for an excellent price, or an outside room for a little bit more. You do not need fancy suites, for you spend most of your time doing everything the cruise offers. I especially like Royal Caribbean since the crowd of people are upscale and family oriented, the ships are outstanding, and you get the most for your money. In addition, singles and seniors are abundant due to the pricing and activities available.From, rock climbing, to ice skating, to movies, to classes, to wine tasting, to kids clubs, to nightclubs, to shows, to just plain relaxing, and to especially, the food, these ships offer all these activities included in the price. To me, this becomes a great budget vacation. My family loves to cruise, because there is something for everyone. My older son, 16-18,(our cruising years.) has claimed this to be his favorite way to travel, He can come and go as he pleases, meet so many new friends, (girls and guys) and yet, meet us for dinner, sightseeing, etc,) Our younger boy, 9-11, meets so many new friends in the “Ocean Club” and video arcade room. My husband and I get lounge chairs and relax outside the arcade so we are nearby if he needs us. As he gets older, we will be able to leave him alone, but we are ” worry worts,” so we stay close by, yet never losing our own fun. How bad can it be to relax at sea, with a delightful drink concoction in one hand, a good book in the other, and a hot tub and pool nearby? Many parents do leave their children in the arcade room or Ocean Club and do their own activities. This is truly fine, for the children are well taken care of. ( we are just overly cautious) .Either way, you will have the time of your life. I have traveled extensively, around the world, but my favorite mode of travel , on a budget, is to cruise.

Once you arrive in Bermuda, you must visit the beaches. I highly recommend not booking a tour, because it is so much cheaper to get a taxi, and go to “Horseshoe Bay,” or “Elbow Beach,” where the water is perfection, the sand is pink, and the experience is worth everything. These two beaches are world famous and should not be missed. After your day at the beach, you can head back to the ship and eat a fantastic dinner that is, of course, included in your price. What a Life!!! If you decide to go, let me know, and maybe, I’ll join you. Enjoy, this wonderful way to see Bermuda on a budget!