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Backpacking in Thailand 

Thailand is heaven for backpackers on a budget. It is a place that you can visit again and again and still find alluring. This tropical paradise is a welcoming place that feels like second home, despite being so far away from home. In essence, Thailand is a wondrous travel destination. Check out this awesome video about Thailand. Thailand is known for sparkling white sand beaches, friendly locals, incredible food, and parties from sunrise to sunset. In fact, the place has so much to offer that you are guaranteed to have a good time. Best Times To Visit: Rainy, Cool,...

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Bangkok, Thailand: Two Extremes and Everything In-between

Bangkok can be considered the ultimate in extremes. Seen by some as a congested and polluted city, Bangkok has a reputation for seediness with prominent red light districts, brothels, and other adult ‘amusements’. But, there’s also a wealth of culture, history, arts, and cuisine to explore. It’s just a matter of where you look. Home to eight million people, Bangkok sits at the southern end of the country on the Gulf of Thailand and is known locally as ‘Krung Thep’. Sitting on the Chao Phraya River delta, Bangkok lies in the South Asian monsoon area so from mid-May to around September it’s going to...

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