Best U.S. Travel Destination for Spring Colors: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Springtime in Arizona features brilliant blossoms that appear on the various types of cactus and other native plants. A beautiful place for many varieties of spring colors is the the state’s Grand Canyon. It’s one of the world’s most spectacular natural locations, and the change of seasons adds to its enormous appeal. If you’ve seen it in pictures or on television, it just doesn’t convey the scale and sheer natural beauty of this place; you must visit at least once in your lifetime. We lived in Arizona for a number of years and made it a family springtime tradition...

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Travel Guide to the Most Important City of the Dominican Republic

The most important city of the Valley of El Cibao in the Dominican Republic is Santiago de los Caballeros (Santiago of the Gentlemen). The Cibaeños, inhabitants of these lands, feel very proud to belong to this northern region, the most fertile of all the Dominican Republic. The landscape in this region is really amazing. You can get there very easily in vehicle through the freeway Duarte from Santo Domingo, the capital. It is a well-fixed road that recently has been improved to connect the capital with the productive region of El Cibao. Santiago is a city with a lot...

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Travel Tips to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great vacation destination and in order to visit all the places of interest it has to offer, you will have to rent a vehicle such as a car or a truck and the like. By taking appropriate care, it becomes easy to rent in Costa Rica. You should keep in mind that tourism is an established industry in the country and competition has ensured good international practices among the various rental companies. The extent to which a trip is enjoyable depends on its preparation. You could do an online search and make a reservation for...

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Want to Travel to Central America, Then Travel to These Areas

Many great travel destinations are to be found in Central America. A combination of rich history, vibrant culture, and scenic views make it a charming place for any traveler to visit. Guatemala offers many exciting places to see and things to do. The Mayan ruins of Tikal are the crown on this rich land’s kingdom of tourist attractions. The Tikal Mayan ruins are one of the largest ceremonial centers in the world and have many archaeological discoveries still waiting to be made. The site features temple pyramids, elaborately worked and designed, and was once home to 50,000 people until...

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Montevideo, Uruguay : Interesting Facts about Uruguay’s Hot Destination

The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo is a beautiful port city on the Rio de la Plata is home to 1.3m people – half of the country’s population. The city enjoys a subtropical climate, with humid summer temperatures (Dec-Mar) reaching around 75F, and wet, windy winters (Jun-Sep) settling around 55F. Visitors will fly into Montevideo Carrasco Airport, nine miles east from which there is a very good bus service to Terminal Tres Cruces, Montevideo’s downtown area, which is within walking distance of most of the major hotels. The Uruguyan Peso (UYU) is the unit of currency, although if you get stuck, you can use US dollars...

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