Traveling in Kentucky

The Kentucky Horse Park While traveling in Kentucky I am sure many people will probably take one of the interstates for some of the fastest available travel. Now you will be able to see many sights and attractions from the interstate, but that doesn’t do you a bit of good unless you stop at one of them. One of the places that you will want to stop at is Kentucky Horse Park if you are around the Lexington area. Some people might be curious what kind of fun you can have at a horse park, but you can find...

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A Traveler’s Guide to Savannah, Georgia

History Lives in the Charming and Hospitable Coastal Town of Savannah The embodiment of romance and mystique, the coastal city of Savannah is a Southern jewel. Established in 1773 by General James Ogelthorpe, Savannah holds the distinction of being America’s first planned city. Ogelthorpe had a vision for Savannah, dividing the city into “grids” or “squares” with wide, tree lined avenues, and pristine parks that were to be meeting places and the centers of city commerce. Of the twenty-four original squares, twenty-one exist today, each holding a unique glimpse of Savannah. Today, Georgia’s oldest city is a melting pot...

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Driving Around Orlando: Travel Tips

A Tourist’s Guide to Traveling Orlando One thing you have to keep in mind when traversing the highways and by-ways of Orlando is this: Thousands of people from all over the world flock to Orlando every week. With that said, please pay attention and be courteous. Don’t be afraid to make use of public transit. Most resorts and hotels offer free shuttles to and from the majority of area attractions. I tend to use I-4 a lot because it allows you to easily get from one side of Orlando to the other in a short amount of time. There...

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Tips for Traveling to Las Vegas for People with Allergies

If you are taking a trip to Las Vegas, and have allergies, there are certain warnings that you need to keep in mind. I have severe allergies and have traveled to Las Vegas many times. Make sure that you do not make the same mistakes that I have. Some of them could prove to be deadly if repeated. The first suggestion is if you are traveling to Las Vegas and have allergies, make sure that you bring all of the allergy medication that you might need. I have had times in the past where I forgot to bring allergy...

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Travel Guide: Using the Orlando Monorail

One of the great attractions in visiting Orlando, in part, is just the art of getting to where you are going. Disney has taken that to a new level with its introduction of the monorail when the park was built in the early 1970s. There has been considerable debate about building a light rail system throughout the Central Florida region. If completed, some have speculated it may be very similar to what Disney has already had on its property for decades. But right now, the project is bogged down by politics and finances, making Walt Disney World the only...

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