Tips for Traveling to Las Vegas for People with Allergies

If you are taking a trip to Las Vegas, and have allergies, there are certain warnings that you need to keep in mind. I have severe allergies and have traveled to Las Vegas many times. Make sure that you do not make the same mistakes that I have. Some of them could prove to be deadly if repeated. The first suggestion is if you are traveling to Las Vegas and have allergies, make sure that you bring all of the allergy medication that you might need. I have had times in the past where I forgot to bring allergy...

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Travel Guide: Using the Orlando Monorail

One of the great attractions in visiting Orlando, in part, is just the art of getting to where you are going. Disney has taken that to a new level with its introduction of the monorail when the park was built in the early 1970s. There has been considerable debate about building a light rail system throughout the Central Florida region. If completed, some have speculated it may be very similar to what Disney has already had on its property for decades. But right now, the project is bogged down by politics and finances, making Walt Disney World the only...

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Travel Idea: Disney’s Romantic Cruises in California

Say the word “vacation” to a mommy and watch our skeptic-antenna activate. We’ve been down this it’ll-be-great road before and we’re not falling for the same dumb carrot. To a mommy, “vacation” means long, hot, car rides with bored, fussy kids. Sand in everything. Hotel rooms that look better on their website than in person. And wads of money flying out the wallet at every turn. Nope, we’re not sold. We’ll use the pool at the health club, thank you very much. Then along comes a crazy writer for Romance and the suggesting that a vacation for a...

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Dreaming of Pink Sand? Travel To Bermuda on a Budget

I had always dreamed of seeing the famous pink sands of Bermuda. Finally, I got my chance and so can you. Bermuda is an expensive island, so my family and I decided to cruise to Bermuda and we saved a “bundle.” Living in the New York area, we drove to Maryland to sail on Royal Caribbean’s, Grandeur of The Seas. By doing this, we saved a lot of money on airfare and hotels, which can be rather pricey to Bermuda. If you are within driving distance, bus travel, or am trak travel, you can find a cruise that goes...

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Traveling America

A Guide on Traveling to America Since America’s early ages it has been a dream for immigrants. Now in the 21st century, America has been a hot spot for travelers all over the world. Traveling takes planning and a lot of knowledge. I’m going to give you a step by step guide on traveling to America. Take care of all exit/entry requirements. Make sure you have a valid passport or whatever else is needed depending on what country you are coming from. Most likely you can find out all this information from your country’s department of travel. It is...

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