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The Longest Manmade Structures inthe World

Through the ages, man has managed to achieve some great feats in construction, coming up with megastructure that most people never had in their wildest dreams. Some have been built for conveniences, while others were constructed out of necessity. One of the areas that have witnessed the construction of massive structures is the transportation sector. Man needs to move from one location to another with speed and they need to move their goods with ease and convenience. We may that that we have seen is already enough,  but as long as the world is still full of dreamers, and...

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Best Hostels For Design Lovers

Certain hostels worldwide will leave visitors awestruck and at a loss for words due to their impeccable style and feel. The way that modern hostels around the world have come into their own with design aesthetics and elements surely takes one’s breath away. These hostels are sure to make an impression on certain design lovers and these hostels ought to be noted. Wombat Hostel In Vienna Wombat hostel is located in the heart of Vienna and the hostel does steal hearts. This hostel is aesthetically pleasing with its elements of funkiness and uniqueness. The Wombat hostel is structured like...

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Scenic Railway Rides Around The World

Traveling via plane, auto or boat are not the only means for exploring. Traveling by railway is a joyous trip in itself. Railways should be considered more than a method of transport going from A to B, there are scenic railway travels out there other than the ordinary. There are incredible rail tour deals all around the globe that gives you a chance to unwind and appreciate the smooth and relaxed outing, grasping all the beautiful views en route, with outstanding meals and drinks. This sort of laidback experience can run from a couple of hours to over a...

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The Backpackers’ Guide to Backpacking in Colorado

Backpacking in Colorado is all about hiking up steep trails, navigating through brush, and submersing yourself in nature. As one of the most beautiful states in the country, Colorado is a great place to visit. With thousands of acres of natural forests and mountains, it is truly the dream of backpackers to be able to visit the small quaint towns and to spend their time in nature. As with any trip, it is important that you prepare yourself for the time that you spend away from home and this guide is set to make sure that you remember all...

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Koror, Palau – An Island Paradise Offering Unique Experiences

The Pacific paradise of Palau is part of the Micronesia island group, around 600 miles off the east coast of the Philippines. This tiny state has a population of just 21,000 across 250 islands, with the vast majority living on Koror, the former capital. Koror is an oasis of picture-postcard beaches, laid back bars, and lush tropical forests. Koror is linked by three bridges to the neighbouring Arakabesang Island, Malakal Island, and Babeldaob. No one is sure who first populated Palau, but the current residents are descended from a combination of Malay Indonesians, New Guineans, and Polynesians. Palauan and Filipino are the two most common...

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