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Explore The Offbeat  – Backpacking Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe travel allows you to experience a wide variety of cultures and it has a lot to offer to the backpacker in terms of natural scenery, beautiful coasts, art, architecture and an amazing nightlife. Backpacking Eastern Europe offers a great way to discover this part of the world in a unique way. The place has so much more to it than just the popular cities such as Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rome. If you want to get a real feel of the eastern half of the continent, then you’ll need to visit those less popular cities too and...

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The Backpackers’ Guide to Backpacking in Spain

Spain is known for a variety of great opportunities for individuals that are interested in seeing the world. With its romantic culture and beautiful countryside you will surely enjoy your time abroad. Backpacking Spain is simple as Spain offers a variety of activities and amenities specifically designed for the comfort of travelers. You can find hostels, transport, hotels, and local cuisine regardless of the city that you visit. Backpacking is also phenomenal as it allows you to make your own schedule and visit the things that you really want to see. Learning the Language One of the best things that...

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Backpacking Ireland – The Backpackers’ Guide

Regardless of how beautiful backpacking Ireland can be, it’s important that you remember to prepare yourself for the trip as you will be a substantial distance away from home. There’s nothing more adventurous than strapping a bag to your back and navigating through some of the most beautiful areas in the world, one of which is Ireland. Many backpackers flock to this country as it offers some of the most phenomenal spanning landscapes and great opportunities for learning about other cultures in the world. Using an International Student ID Card If you’re a student that is interested in exploring...

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