If you’re wondering what is the best time to go to Thailand, then you came to the right place. A lot of people want to know what time of the year is best for backpacking Thailand, but in general, every day is a beautiful day in Thailand.

It’s always a great time to be in Thailand, and it really depends on what you want to get out of your trip here.

If you want the Southern beaches to be pristine, and the water to be flat, calm, and great for diving; if you want to be able to take safe boat trips from island to island, you want to come between mid December and mid February. The conditions are generally ideal. The girls get to break out the scarf and the hat during this period.

This is the high season, so make a reservation well in advance; the prices are getting up there and you won’t be alone anywhere in the country. The weather is a little less humid and that’s what makes the westerners especially happy.

The Songkran festival in February kicks off the Monsoon season. It’s the season where you see the water soakers, and all the young people having fun.

The humidity does begin to hot up, and the fruit trees ripe at this time of year; you’ll love fruits such as rambutan, mangosteen, watermelon, and more; every delicious tropical fruit you can imagine comes into season with a bang, and it’s super cheap in the market. You’ll just love it if that’s why you want to come.

Towards May, June, July, you’re back into a serious Monsoon period, and some people described it like having your face over a boiling pot of water. That’s how hot and humid it gets; temperatures reach the very high 30 Celsius and it gets very uncomfortable.

It is definitely not the best time to go to Thailand during these extremely hot months. You really need to pick your battles and stay inside where there is air conditioning most of the time. It does rain a lot, thunder storms, and very spectacular lightning displays.

Best Time To Go To Thailand - Loy Krathong Festival

Best Time To Go To Thailand – Loy Krathong Festival

It’s also the beginning of the off season and the airline & hotel prices go down. You get a lot of shoppers, particularly women coming from Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and China because the prices are down and the hotel rates are 50% off in most cases. The variety for shopping here is fantastic and that’s why many people come here during the off season.

During September and October you’ll be seeing rain pretty much every day. However, during the raining season it brings the Thais out , who love taking their four wheel drive vehicles and embark on the muddy trails to go into the country side where it’s very green and the water falls are at their best; there are lots of village festival to visit as well. Just don’t expect to go to the beach and have a great snorkeling and sailing experience at that time of year.

Towards November the Monsoon begins to lift and the cycle starts all over again, with Loi Krathong festival in mid November, the king’s birthday, and the celebrations start all over again.

In my opinion, the best time to go to Thailand if you’re a beach tourist is the Thai winter, which starts mid November, and ends mid February. Thank you for reading!