Certain hostels worldwide will leave visitors awestruck and at a loss for words due to their impeccable style and feel. The way that modern hostels around the world have come into their own with design aesthetics and elements surely takes one’s breath away. These hostels are sure to make an impression on certain design lovers and these hostels ought to be noted.

Wombat Hostel In Vienna

Wombat hostel is located in the heart of Vienna and the hostel does steal hearts. This hostel is aesthetically pleasing with its elements of funkiness and uniqueness. The Wombat hostel is structured like a garden and its entire ambiance gives off a socializing vibe allowing its visitors to do exactly that -socialize.


America Del Sur Hostel In Buenos Aires

This relaxation hostel is the ideal place for design lovers to go and take a break from the world. The leather coaches that decorate this hostel give the best feeling of sophistication by showcasing modernity at its best.


Princesa Insolente Hostel In Santiago

This hostel is sure to leave visitors breathless with its antique wooden décor and boutique hostel style. The common room in this hostel has been mentioned by many visitors as one of the most noteworthy rooms in hostel.  Rooms that enclose the courtyard are fully candle lit during the night and gives the entire hostel a romantic feel all night. The spaciousness of the rooms has also been mentioned as one of the perks of staying at Princesa Insolente.


Peking Yard Hostel Situated In Beijing

 Get a feel of the Chinese culture and tradition by staying at this hostel that is decorated with Chinese lanterns and Chinese inspired artworks.  The hostel specializes in modern décor giving off a romantic feel and atmosphere.  The décor and setting of the hostel is tasteful yet tranquil. Another perk of staying at Peking Yard Hostel is the dreamy flower beds that add so much more elements of romance to the hostel.


Goli And Bosi Design Hostel In Croatia

This particular hostel is situated directly next to the Diocletian Palace yet still seems to hold its own shine. Being royal in its own right with an extremely modern design, the Goli and Bosi Design Hostel is one of the most edgiest hostels that is designed to perfection. The design of the rooms is surely something entirely different to anything seen before.


Danhostel Located In  Copenhagen City

With a five star rating this hostel gives city living a whole new meaning. The hostel is trendy yet allows visitors to stay in touch with Mother Nature due to the amount of wood used to complete the trendy feel of the hostel’s design. Every room in the hostel has a peak out window offering its tourist the chance to get a glimpse of Copenhagen’s finest sites.


Oops Hostel In Paris

 One certainly won’t be making an “oops” when choosing this particular Parisian hostel. Set in the Haussmann building with rooms overlooking the Pantheon, the architect truly paid attention to detail and color when designing this hostel. It’s a whimsical design of color, texture, shape and light creating a unique ambiance and allowing visitors to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


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