Spain is known for a variety of great opportunities for individuals that are interested in seeing the world. With its romantic culture and beautiful countryside you will surely enjoy your time abroad. Backpacking Spain is simple as Spain offers a variety of activities and amenities specifically designed for the comfort of travelers. You can find hostels, transport, hotels, and local cuisine regardless of the city that you visit. Backpacking is also phenomenal as it allows you to make your own schedule and visit the things that you really want to see.

Learning the Language

One of the best things that you can do to not only culture yourself but to also thoroughly enjoy your time in Spain is to learn a little bit of Spanish. Though the majority of people in major cities such as Madrid already speak English, they can be reluctant to do so. Learning a sufficient amount of Spanish to at least ask for directions, order food, or find transportation is essential. Whether you teach yourself or you carry a basic Spanish dictionary with you, it is important that you have some type of reference that you can use to your advantage.

Understanding the Culture

When it comes to experiencing brilliant culture, Spain is the best place to be immersed in an area filled with passion. The cultural landscape is rich with information and if you can do a small amount of research on it before you leave, it can be an even more fulfilling experience. It can also be great to understand the culture before you leave because it can help you to avoid any blunders when discussing it with other people in the area. Doing some research is also essential for making sure that you find the best restaurants and attractions to visit during your time abroad.

Getting a Hang of Transportation

Some areas of Spain are relatively simple to get to on foot though it is important to consider needing to use public transportation ranging from trains to taxis. There are a variety of opportunities for getting from one place to another efficiently and for a lower cost. First, if you have an international student ID card you can get discounts on bus and train passes. In fact, the buses are essential if you’re looking to get to remote places without having a rental car. It’s also incredibly popular to have a moped or motorcycle if you have to travel far distances and have the money for rentals. Though it can be difficult to drive through the cities if you don’t know exactly where you’re going.

Packing Essential Items

When you think about backpacking Spain, assume that you will be responsible for all of your personal belongings at all times. Even if you have a room at a hostel or a hotel you may not want to leave your belongings in the hands of other people and become a victim of theft. With that being said, it is important that you remember to pack light and to focus on the essential items that are necessary for your trip. You will find that you’ll need to cut back on non-essentials such as various pairs of shoes and instead supplement them for more socks and first aid kits.

Packing Comfortable Shoes and Water

Spain is home to some of the most beautiful attractions in the world and in order to make sure that you are able to visit them all, you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes to wear. It is mostly advised that you bring a pair of hiking shoes or running shoes that are worn in and comfortable on your feet. The last thing that you’ll want to deal with is breaking in a new pair of shoes and having blisters during your travels. It’s also important to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of water, particularly if you’re visiting during the summer. With overpriced refreshments around major tourist attractions you can easily save yourself money by bringing a reusable water bottle.

Visiting the Clubs and Bars

If you’re looking for a great time and an adult-night out you can always visit one of the many different clubs and bars in Spain, particularly Madrid. Known for their vibrant nightlife you can visit some of the world’s most renowned hot spots such as Ananda. The majority of clubs are packed to the brim with 20-somethings so if you’re looking for a more calm and peaceful atmosphere, visit a bar with a local live performance for some smooth jazz. Barcelona is another great city filled with brilliant nightlife if you’re interested in underground hip-hop and punk rock. Locals and tourists alike constantly frequent their underground bars.

Going to a Soccer Game

If there’s one thing that is commonly known about the people of Spain it’s that they love their soccer (or futbol). The most renowned soccer club being the Real Madrid you can watch a team that boasted players such as David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Going to one of their games can be a little pricey depending on how early you buy your tickets and they have the tendency to sell out fast. For a discounted way to still get the vibe of a game, you can pay 2 Euros to watch the team train at Valdebebas.

Experiencing Bull Fighting

When most people think about Spain bull fighting is one of the main activities that is reminiscent of their culture. By visiting the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in Madrid, you can get the taste of traditional bull fighting in a 2-hour show. If you’re not interested in every aspect of the event (including the killing of the bull at the end of the show) you can take part in the festivities during the “running of the bulls” festival. Between May and June in Pamplona you’ll be able to find a variety of exciting festivities where you can party with the locals without having to worry about actually running from bulls yourself.


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